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LEGO® Ninjago: Cole/Jay 2-in-1 Ninja Handbook

Author(s) [Plain Text]: 
by Ladybird
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March 2012
About the book: 

Explore the exciting world of LEGO Ninjago in this awesome 2-in-1 ninja handbook packed full of thrilling tales, ninja trivia and cool quizzes, featuring Cole the Master of Earth and Jay the Master of Air. Unlock the ancient mysteries of LEGO's exclusive new ninja range and learn all about the Masters of Spinjitzu! Love LEGO? Why not collect the other books in the "LEGO Ninjago" series? "LEGO Ninjago Kai/Zane 2-in-1 Ninja Handbook", "LEGO Ninjago: Ninja vs Fangpyre Activity Book", "LEGO Ninjago: Ninja vs Hypnobrai Activity Book", "LEGO Ninjago: The Chosen Four Activity Book", "LEGO Ninjago 2-in-1 Ninja Handbook: The Bravest Ninja of All/Snakes in the Grass" and many more LEGO adventures are also available from Ladybird.

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